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Regional Sales Managers

Choosing the right instrument for your application isn't easy. With so many different models, specifications, ordering codes and configurations the task can be daunting. Our regional sales managers are your best option for making the right purchase decision. RSMs have detailed knowledge of the Rotronic product line and are available to answer questions, assist with product selection or give general application advice. Contact a regional sales manager in your area.

Calibration, Validation, Mapping Services

Steve Chenal
Phone: 732-908-4099
Mobile: 732-703-5434
Fax: 732-908-4098


Ryan Smith
Phone: 508-275-3705
Mobile: 508-330-4800
Fax: 508-329-0326

Ohio Valley / Mid-Atlantic

Karl Szymanski
Phone: 412-364-2990
Mobile: 412-417-3050
Fax: 412-364-2995


Bob Hayes
Phone: 770-277-1161
Mobile: 404-386-0732
Fax: 770-277-1163


Harry Trainor
Phone: 630-493-1163
Mobile: 630-841-4330
Fax: 630-493-1167


Jay Crum
Phone: 682-214-1928
Mobile: 817-343-7582
Fax: 682-214-1948


Mike McGinn
Phone: 714-596-4610
Mobile: 714-335-7434
Fax: 714-596-4709

New York City, Long Island, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central & South America

Anthony Cordero
Phone: 631-546-9219
Mobile: 631-252-4668
Fax: 631-271-1072